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Friday, April 23, 2010 ? 6:54 PM 0 Comments
Our Backyard Progress

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of post been busy fixing our backyard we had to do something about it it because the surface was uneven and always muddy. Which always made our veranda very dusty and dirty.

This is what our backyard looks like before when we first moved in. Do you notice my veranda was still not painted in white?
There is my husband, checking the place out.

First we leveled this surface as much as we could but it meant the grass was ruined and therefore, got very dusty when dry and very when wet.
Lotsa mess. Still moving in until now.

Brick pavement, which was under some, dirt and vegetation. We cleaned the surface.

The ground surface is now much flatter with a lot of shovel work. As you can see I painted the veranda white.

We are thinking about a "Y" shaped paving towards the pergola, which will be our STUDIO, also heading towards the circle area from our back veranda.

All IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS are all welcomed.

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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