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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 ? 9:06 PM 2 Comments
Side Table

Hi everyone, really sorry for lack of post I've been very busy with lots of stuff. My furniture are getting popular on Ebay. I've sold so many furnitures these past few weeks. That's why I've been away because I have to finish painting my other furnitures. I've been running out of stock so I have to keep with the demanding orders.

Just posting some pictures of the side table that I bought last week. I was shopping around the local thrift/op shop when I found this gorgeous piece.


I think the table came up really lovely and instead of painting the top I have left it natural. It has a beautiful leather finish with really nice details. I was actually going to sell this but decided to keep it for myself.

Just wanted to say thank you as well for those who left me sweet comments. Sorry if I havent been able to drop by to your blog but I promise I will come and visit you. Hope you all have a wonderful night.

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The influences of all that is flaked, worn, rustic, and antique mixed with heavy lines of graffiti and pop art, allows Amor designed products to be featured in any modern or vintage setting of any house, home and room.